1-10-2018 Humanitarian act

Rotary Club Chennai Bharathi Innovative thinking . Every month planning to have a meeting and family participation with members,annettes, in one of our members residence or office. This month we had in Rtn Geetha Deivasigamani place.She runs Geetham Matrimonial a great place for marriage proposls u can get .They have done till now 500 marriages successfull. Every month we r planning to appreciate and award one person from different field. This month Award goes to Rtr-Dr Arul Raj a noble person who has been taking care of roadside old people and taking them in his auto free of cost and admitting them in homes.A great humanitarian service for many years together. This month we gave away prizes for Vinayaga Chaturthi contestants among members also A new member has been inducted Rtn Dr Megha .She is a Homeopathic Doctor by profession but a beautiful dancer by passion.We also celebrated bdays and anniversary celebration of many members for the month of September. Thank u everyone who made this event a grand success.We all had a great fellowship ,friendship , understanding,team spirit. Rtn Dr Renuka Ramakrishnan President Rotary Club of Chennai Bharathi Rtn Jayashree Kidambi Secretary Rtn Rtn-Dr Banu Priya Nehru

04-09-2018 was Observed as Mother Theresa day

Project name : #CARE #AND #COMPASSION DELIVER AT DOORSTEP FOR THOSE IN NEED .Yet another milestone in Rotary Club Chennai Bharathi Tuesday 04/09/2018 was observed as ##Mother #Theresa #day we decided to give some useful materials as requested by Balaramapuram Leprosy Rehabilitation colony people .The president of this rehabilitation center told me that our #great #Mother #Theresa #visited #them #in 1987 .I m privileged to work with these people whom she worked with for last 28 yrs from the days I worked in Gremaltes hospital . #I #hate #this #word #leprosy #being #added #as #a #prefix #in #the #name #board #of #the #colony .I will request the Govt and will take steps to remove that .Because we say Leprosy is eradicated and it is like any other disease but still label them as Leprosy colony.Mother Theresa dream at least if I full fill this I would leave this world peacefully How did we start this project Rtn-Dr Banu Priya Nehru who gave bedsheets and towels to 60 families Director of community development ,Rtn Banupriya and myself went to Rtn Nishrin Madraswala our Youth service Director house on a different note and there I saw her uncle #Abbas #Shabbir #lehry,MD of Lehry Instrumentation and Valves who has been doing great social services in the form of donations.Already me and Banupriya were running around with crutches in our hands and searching frantically for a tricycle and calipers .Always God comes in some form I believe that and I was just talking to her uncle and he asked me what was the project I told him it was for Hansen's affected people he immediately contacted a Dr of Freedom trust who gave asap tricycle and calipers and door delivered too. Sharp at 4 pm Our First lady Mrs Anita Babu who was the chief guest arrived .We started by lighting lamp to Mother Theresa photo and we gave whatever was there request and could see the contentment in there faces.Thanks to all members who attended IPP Suguna Devi Muthuvel Rtn Jayashree Kidambi Rtn AG Satyan Rtn Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan Rtn Dr Banupriya ,Rtn Rtr-Dr Arul Raj ,and his friend ,Members from Rajaji nagar welfare association Villivakkam , President Prakasam ,Sister Nithya ,Babu who helped us complete this .Last but not the least I should thank Automan and my driver Palani who always stand by me. #Rtn #Dr #Renuka #Ramakrishnan #President #RC #Chennai #Bharathi