HIV AIDS Awareness Programs & Created impact in transforming many lives

In many ways, HIV/AIDS education plays a vital role in its management. One of the most important things it does is make people realise that everyone should know their status. We have done multiple programs in underprivileged & Downtrodden areas where minimum education is not there and hence we are able to make impact of our program by execution of followed our instructions of life style to avoid HIV / AIDS and its consequences not only affect them and also their children

World International AIDS Day & Christmas Celebration with Special Children of God on 13-12-2018

DONT SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS U BE THAT HAPPINESS TO SOMEONE IN NEED.Rotary Club Chennai Bharathi INNOVATIVE THOUGHT OF CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS WITH GODS OWN CHILDREN SHELTER HOME NEAR REDHILLS.Happiness is not counted with how much money u have ,Fame is not got by award or reward but spending happily our time with these children who may be counting there days is what real happiness is. U don't know when u will also leave this world.U would have seen our live videos which were put see the love and care of these kids now here u can get , no one can give u this satisfaction and the happiness and joy for them also.